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We Provide Coverage For Florida Residents Over Age 65 With Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans And Stand Alone Rx Plans For Seniors.

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Now is the time to review your current plan. The annual election period is Oct 15th to Dec 7th.

It is important to know if you are affected by the changes to Medicare for 2021 as well as your updated healthcare options during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn the latest technology for your healthcare.

What is the best plan for Me? Call today (239) 352-1911 to request a side by side comparison of up three Advantage plans in our area. Easily compare your current plan to the new offerings in 2021. Collier County residents have 49 Advantage plans to choose from, Lee County has 52 plans and both counties have 28 Drug plans to select from if you have a supplemental plan with a stand alone prescription plan. Drug formularies change every year so it is important to annually review which plan offers the best coverage for your current medications.

We offer online enrollments for all plans without requiring a face to face meeting.

To view your specific area of interest, please click on the appropriate topic. Each page provides detailed information on that specific topic.

To review the new plans for 2021 click on Medicare Solutions, then click on Medicare Advantage plans for 2021 for Southwest Florida.

Headquartered in Naples, Florida our local agency offers the residents of Southwest Florida the best possible service from AM Best "A" rated health insurance companies Aetna, Humana, UnitedHealthcare and Wellcare.

If You Are Under Age 65 And Missed The Open Enrollment Period And Do Not Have A Life Qualifying Event And Need Coverage Consider A Short Term Policy Available From UnitedHealthcare By Clicking On The Link Below.

If You Are Not Eligible For A Tax Subsidy And Find That The New "Affordable" Health Care Plans Are Not Very Affordable You Might Want To Consider A Short Term Plan As An Alternative. Short Term Medical Plans Do Not Provide Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions, Or Mandated Coverage  Under The Affordable Care Act.


Please Note For 2021 Coverage If You Are Eligible For A Tax Subsidy You Must Get Coverage At Https://Www.Healthcare.Gov/Get-Coverage

Unfortunately none Of Our Companies Will Be Participating On The Marketplace For 2021, Or Offering Any Health Insurance Coverage To Individuals Under Age 65 In Southwest Florida Off Of The Marketplace.

We service the entire state of Florida including, Naples Florida, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers, Florida.

Take a few minutes exploring our site to learn about the types of coverage we provide and the educational resources we offer, and then contact us to discuss how we can help meet your unique needs.